In a world where three billion people are connected online, cars drive and park themselves, and appliances can monitor your grocery inventory and even make a suggestion about healthy meals, yet the market research industry is still stuck largely in another era. Why? The market research industry model developed in the 1950s has been largely been incentivized to reinforce the status quo, and only modernize as a last resort.

Today a handful of companies dominate market research, and few others dominate the monetization of consumer digital information. Together the top 10 companies control nearly 50% of global spend, and their strength depends on millions of users providing and agreeing to share their data. The Consumer respondents who provide the critical market research data receive a tiny fraction of the value of their opinion data in return for their efforts. The OE exchange will identify and eliminate non-value added participants while freeing data from proprietary silos, and enhancing the economic value for those critical to providing and using data in a way that is both efficient and trustworthy.

The Opinion Economy (OE) connects individual consumers, market research companies, analytics companies and corporations, via our proprietary OE SaaS Platform to provide a frictionless experience to identify and capture consumer insights transparently, and with integrity.